bittersweet (2e1’07chalet+O levels)

from the airport on 8 jan i went straight to the chalet

long story short i got lost at pasir ris

after that i got sick at the chalet, fever and stuff

so bad i had to go home

but i missed the e1 ppl and even though i couldnt really enjoy the bbq and stuff i was happy just seeing and talking to them.


my O levels results are pretty ok. my L1r5 is 9 minus 2 cca pts=7

but its really bittersweet cos my english is B3, which is just..i cant explain it. i feel like there’s no way, its gotto be an error. for god’sake my chinses is A2! and i wrote really well, i dun get it.

rest of my results:

maths,a math, comb humans,poa      a1

bio,chem,chinese                                      a2


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