3 is better than 2

i’m sorry i cant get over the boys like girl’s song 2 is better than 1. the entire song is really good except for that cliche crap line.

since poly starts in only 3 months i got a job at kenny rogers. wouldnt say its fun but at least im learning sth.

 dun really have the mood to describe the last few weeks, but i watched a couple of movies. someone forced me to watch spy next door it was so unbearable. i saw channie she’s so cute i wanna squeeze her. had shopping spree at bugis street, had alot of fantastic buys. bought 6 clothes, one was a dress for like $63. whee.  ehh.. made durian cheesecake. i’ve been coughing for over a week and its soo irritating. i’ve been reading twilight so much better than the movie. robert does no justice.

my sis is leaving for queensland to study in 3 weeks for bout one and a half years. my mum is leaving for cambodia for work attachemnt i think may for bout 3 years.i havent quite thought bout how i feel even though i’ve been assuring others im good with all this. and i guess i am. shd be kinda exciting to learn how to live almost by myself.

i mean i’ve always enjoyed being by myself. just tt soon it will be for a pretty prolonged period of time..i gotto occupy myself.

off to prepare food for  the farewell party..

this is bloody funny.


“can you smeeeell….”

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