Monthly Archives: February 2010


havent blogged in a while.

its gettting harder and harder cos my com is retarded.

pics from 2 weeks ago:

sleeping channie:)

benten pizza

chicken curry i cooked:)

mydaily kenny rogers meal

1 week ago:

reunion dinner at channiee’s house

really really good food.

after the dinner went over to jalan membina for a while cos mummy wanted to play mahjong

i love taking unsuspecting photos.

the next day,

CNY at our house! 🙂

my mum cooked  a really good spread

kids at our balcony

it was really fun. i love our family.

naughty channie messing with the massage chair

the next day,went to visit ama at mandai


sent my sis to the airport

and channie..

was sad.

but still damn cute.

went m’sia yesterday, bought lots of clothes:)

and skyped with my sis too.

random pics from the past week.