time goes by

 i cant believe its march.

kinda sucks, this space between O’s and poly. but i’ve begun to really like my job, and it sucks i may not be able to keep it.

i’ve been working nearly every weekday for the past month or so, and i have to say im really learning alot. not the understanding the valueof money shit, i always have hahas, but more of the feeling tt you’re in control of your life somehow. you’re working..and you have CPF? CPF! I have CPF? and  a bank a/c and a bank book and a card? and ppl will be transferring  money to ME through to MY bank a/c?  it’s all so fun hahas. i sound so bloody ignorant lol.


to my sis in australia:

oh yes and yesterday i woke up and found bedbugs. today i looked up bedbugs, now im an expert in bedbugs extermination. i will annihilate them. stupid bugs, suck my blood.


sth my friend did which i thought was really good.

a goddess on her knees


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