“Lollipops turn into cigarettes. The innocent ones turn into sluts.

Homework goes in the trash. Mobile phones are being used in class.

Detention becomes suspension. Soda becomes vodka.

Bikes become cars. Kisses turn into sex.

Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground?

When protection meant wearing a helmet?

When the worst things you could get from boys were cooties?

Dad’s shoulders were the highest place on earth and Mom was your hero?

Your worst enemies were your siblings. Race issues were about who ran the fastest.

War was only a board game. And the only drug you knew was cough medicine.

The most pain you felt was when you skinned your knees, and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow?

And we couldn’t wait to grow up?”


-Author Unknown


sometimes i feel so helpless cos i cant make simple moral decisions.  i don’t wanna be an igonrant ideliast. i want to be ‘morally upright’ and in line with certain biblical fundamentals i have tried hard to convince myself are the only few i need to live a relatively morally just life

but as im growing older everything is turning into this unclear gray faze. nothing, nothing is black and white anymore.

what i used to feel about








has become so pointless

sounding more and more like those stupid kids that complain about their life

like that meaningless crowd murmur

that exists among the discontented.


so ungrateful, and unappreciative of what it means to be human,

to be flawed

and selfish.


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