wed was a super random impulse day

after lunch with fontaine at my toast, we had ice cream at udders(finally)

they prob do a better job at advertising then they do at ice cream

anyway so after that we walked and walked till we ended up at our old primary school (princess elizabeth forever!)

so we went in and like had a whole damn tour of everything. the toilets, the canteen, the hall, the classrooms..

gotto say, not much has advanced..hahas.


after that we walked to the cc, and played at the swings for a while, (i love swings)

then we went in and looked at the courses,

and then we signed up for pilates, first lessonstarts tmrw. heehee


omg, super impulse day.


other things:

. i fell yesterday at work in the kitchen. the ice tea bucket fell on me. didn’t hurt, but still.

. my mum’s leaving 4 days earlier to cambodia than expected. i guess that’s not much

.i really hope i can get the poly scholarship

.not postsecret!

lovebot:  quote-book: Submitted by alongshotgamble

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