pilates yesterday was..



the instructor wasn’t a young buff guy, it was a middle aged somewhat flabby guy who really didn’t appear to have any right to talk about having ‘powerhouse abs’.

the first half hour was dedicated to “BRIEFING”,  and not BRIEFING the conventional way, while he sighs and shakes his head at the way you breathe.


“nono, very conventional breefing.”


and then there was learning the NA-CHUR” position

and when to ‘EX-HEEL’ and when to ‘IN-HEEL’

LOL MAN. i couldn’t stop laughing throughout the class dammit.


but after that, the exercise was pretty good. excercised muscles i din know i had.

dunno why my legs hurt so much now though, when it should be my stomach.


im so sad didi benami is off american idol. she was so good!

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