so my last day at work was friday

i haven’t earned alot of money, but i’ve learnt alot. and i thank the ppl who’ve been so nice to me

im gonna miss staring at that stupid lucille sign.

damn i forgot to take more pics.


skyped with my sis on sat i think

dun get upset. heee


had pilates on sun with fontaine

omg, it was damn tiring, neck was about to  break.

but after tt i think the endorphins kicked in, felt so giggly after tt. heee

then we had chendol at my toast, put back all the calories burnt.


monday was my first poly day.

it was pretty xian, pretty blaghh.


tues had orientation games.

also pretty blagh. all i rmb is hot and sweaty.

i was damn tired but i had a sudden calling to make grilled fish sandwich for dinner, so i did.


 today was good though.

had to go to school early to measure out our lab coats. so cool i ‘ll look like a damn doctor man!

went bowling afterwards. pretty fun!

who knew. i actually DUN suck  THAT BAD at bowling!

after that met up with chlow,vera, jerome, met rachel too for lunch.

so nice to see swiss ppl! swiss ppl are all awesome.


made cream of salmon and mushroom soup today.

oh my it was damn nice! 1000000x better than my previous try at cream of mushroom soup.

w leftover girlled fish sandwich from last night and bit of salad i guess

comparable to campbell soup k! that’s how boomz it was.


random pic:

mynah birds in rhe mrt elevator

me with specs!





3 responses to “lastday+firstday

  • B1

    Why must you do this to my bolster…

    anyway. YOUR SOUP LOOKS FREAKING BOOOOOOOOOOMZ! (with the explosion effect from PCK youtube video)
    wtf. i really really want to eat it.
    BUn suggested you make it for me when you’re here. It’ll def be better tasting here cause everything’s so fresh.

  • upandgone

    do what?

    ah sure i’ll make it when im there
    i’ll cook everything when i’m there!

  • alex

    hey you, havent commented in so long!!
    1. if you dont suck at bowling i should probably get you to teach me!!
    2. yes, swiss people rockkkk
    3. im gonna make you cook for me one of these days lol 🙂 either that, or you can teach me how to cook!!
    4. meet up soon, miss you 😦

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