i lost my phone.

i’m sooo sad.

i loved my phone, and now its gone

it must have been love

but its over now

it must have been good

but i lost it somehow.

what am i doing

im so not in the mood to be funny random now

when i could call thru last night and not this morning, i knew it was gone.

just that moment, a flood of:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( just filled my heart.

sigh, if only they would take my phone and just leave behind the SIM card.


i just realized, i mean , a normal person would return it. only a bad person with connections to the whole  ‘corrupted black market’ shit would keep the phone.

i dun understand how. my bag was with me the whole time, i hardly took my phone out except to check the time. i could only imagine it dropped out somehowwww i dunnno hoowww, and i din realise it and then it was picked up by the BIGGEST EVIL SON OF A BITCH IN THE WORLD.


i’m gonna use a shit phone just to punish myself.






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