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mother’s day 2010


mother’s day 2010; practically channie day 2010


exclusive autograph signing

visiting ama

snippet of  my mother’s day card:

So I hope you enjoy your time in Cambodia, grab hold of every moment and live for yourself. There’s nothing to worry about. Jiejie’s doing fantastic, and even though I’m quite sure I won’t be getting the scholarship I’m still gonna study just as hard.

Just know you have all my love and support every step of the way. And my gift to you this mother’s day is to remind you of that fact.

Your gift to me can be to give me the 4k


With love,


 on side note: i think this is so true


new phase=just another phase


stuff taken during ourfirst immunolgy practical

this is gonna be of of those pics that when we’re year 3 or sth, we’ll say yucks we look so bloody young!

ms joanne drew some blood into herapin tubes and centrigued it.

after a long and tedious process to get them on slides,

(phagocyte munching on yeast cells i think)

A white blood cell looks like pac man gone wrong.


this week was kinda slack but really nice too.

Though i’m in a brand new school i keep somehow meeting up with my old friends

mon giselle came over for dinner yay, wed met chloe had dinner had a LONG talk, then thurs went to primers thing with val.

i cant seem to make any really good friends after sec 2. i wonder why.


food pics:

cheesy tempura prawns!

salad giselle’s mum made

i must learn to make salad but the stupid grass is so ex.


time to inject random meaning as i do at the end of every post:



pretty used to poly now,but its kinda hard to get out of “TOTAL PROCASTINATION AND HOLIDAY FOREVER’ mood.

.i watched date night and then finally get smart a while back, damn hilarious. now i like steve carell.


.oh and i got a new phone. W508. its not even supposed ot be available in singapore yet. woohoo.

.my mum left for cambodia nearly a week  back. wish her all the best working there.

.i’ve been really neglecting my work. supposed to study on saturday but i ended up listening to if we ever meet again by timberland feat katy perry over and over, and then trying to play it and then recording myself singing it while playing the guitar, and i was like hey i actually sounded pretty good and i wanted to upload it but oh well. change of heart..but mostly cos the format didn’t match.

SKYPing with mummy

aww priceless.

made red spinach soup w pork yesterdayfor lunch and dinner.

nice to drink on a cold day, but it wasnt cold yesterday.

and it made my shit green today




in other news,

i went for the psycho test today for the scholarship.

OMG it was insane. i did so badly. dammit! xalot

“DOn’t worry, we’ll give you examples to try and practice  first”

pls lo. it was like practiscing playing chess with tic tac toe.


then after tt met chloe, went for dinner at WM

i tried the cheessy crumble pasta at pastamania

ehhh so so la. sauce so stingy one.



In a place where no one knows what we have done