new phase=just another phase


stuff taken during ourfirst immunolgy practical

this is gonna be of of those pics that when we’re year 3 or sth, we’ll say yucks we look so bloody young!

ms joanne drew some blood into herapin tubes and centrigued it.

after a long and tedious process to get them on slides,

(phagocyte munching on yeast cells i think)

A white blood cell looks like pac man gone wrong.


this week was kinda slack but really nice too.

Though i’m in a brand new school i keep somehow meeting up with my old friends

mon giselle came over for dinner yay, wed met chloe had dinner had a LONG talk, then thurs went to primers thing with val.

i cant seem to make any really good friends after sec 2. i wonder why.


food pics:

cheesy tempura prawns!

salad giselle’s mum made

i must learn to make salad but the stupid grass is so ex.


time to inject random meaning as i do at the end of every post:


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