mother’s day 2010


mother’s day 2010; practically channie day 2010


exclusive autograph signing

visiting ama

snippet of  my mother’s day card:

So I hope you enjoy your time in Cambodia, grab hold of every moment and live for yourself. There’s nothing to worry about. Jiejie’s doing fantastic, and even though I’m quite sure I won’t be getting the scholarship I’m still gonna study just as hard.

Just know you have all my love and support every step of the way. And my gift to you this mother’s day is to remind you of that fact.

Your gift to me can be to give me the 4k


With love,


 on side note: i think this is so true

2 responses to “mother’s day 2010

  • Giselle

    Hehe, channie’s almost as cute as me!!! ;D ;D ;D

  • Giselle

    BORED. Haha. Got homework to do (: Teehee. My fault for going nj. Anyways. Friday!!! ;D Sleepover love! (I hope. My bed is still a dumpster. ROAR. Plus, we can’t have th same room as schubert. Boohoo. See how (((: ) Btw, went doc, I HAVE A THROAT INFECTION! O: D:

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