not to worry this post is not about vomitting 🙂

i watched toy story3 and descpicable me. i really shouldnt be watching some childish crap

Toy Story 3

wasn’t that funny only watched it cos of steve carrell

went far east a while back with giselle. didn’t buy clothes but i did buy recipes 😀


went island creamery at kap and bought mini baked alaska:

very berry ice cream on sponge cake covered with meringue and baked: BOOMZ


apple pie w banana ice cream

then we walked around cold storage which i LOVE doing and bought sashimi.

the tuna and salmon doesn’t compare to the white one, which is oddly chewy and tasty.


then we went to HOT SPICE again and had seafood tomyum again.


stomach burnt new holes but its ok.



only thing i cooked in the last couple of weeks. oxtail sauteed with potatoes and carrots

taken at cini

i want a dog!


oh and i’m going australia next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



cant belive im meeting my sis next week!

next week!


ok enough


k thats it.

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