went to sydney australia from last wed to this tues

i travelled alone for the first time. and i had to tranist at adelaide too. couldnt sleep was a little anxious throughout the first 8 hour flight. was pretty tired cos the night before i slept late and had test in school in the morning. notice eye bags! took this pic in the plane’s toilet.

reached sydney at 11 plus sydney time and met up with everybody

walked around town the next day:


and skyped with mummy

ann and pete’s wedding 31jul2010!

at waterfront restaurant at darling harbour. so beautiful

nicole and nathan are so cute

my nephews 🙂


roasted pumpkin ravioli, pine nuts, sun dried capsicum, goats cheese and baby spinach

barbequed chicken slice w green olives and lemon salad

seared salmon fillet with riesling veloute roasted fennel, spinach and saffron rice

grilled loin f lamb w glazed potatoes ans minced pea puree and sugar peas

white chocolate mousse w raspberry jam in a dark chocolate treardrop

everybody after dancing!

australian weddings are great. they go like this:


personal speeches from the parents and couple


couple’s waltz


this thing where everyone’s in a ring and the couple goes around and hugs everyone one by one,thanking them for coming.

they’re so intimate and personal, so muc better than chinese weddings where yoiu cant see from one end of the room to the other.


next day we took the 7:30 am bus to jindabyne (base of snowy mountain)

and we spotted SO MUCH snow!!!!




next noon we drove a four wheel drive to perishier (wat a name..)up from jindabyne where the snow is 

the snow was so amazing it was like a dream.

snow felt like moistened cotton candy in my hands.

in the end it was really really eventful.

adrenaline over exhaustion

spontaneity overlack of plans.

quality over quanity.


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