i got a belly piercing last week at far east

didn’t really hurt. cant really describe it but just imagine pinching your belly button with your fingerails. well..fingernails like mine.

but i guess im not too great a comparison…but dunno who said it was TEN TIMES MORE PAINFUL THAN AN INJECTION. purposely freak me out one lo now that i think bout it.now i see her evil plan.


it goes exactly like how you see in videos. mark with pen, clamp, pierce. done.

i want these pair of shoes from riverisland but its $57. 😦

so i got these shoes from the little things she needs 2 for $29.90



made lemon cupcakes with fontaine. super nice!

the inside is really light with subtle lemon essence. and the mild brown crisp on the outside.  the lemon custard topping has a really strong lemon flavour. and the best thing is it isnt too sweet

now my mum wants me to make 60 for her rc welcome back party. 🙂

for her welcome backDINNER i plan to prepare a special dinner course for her:

entree: cream of leek soup

main course: roasted chicken with paprika potatoes and vegetables

desert: raspberry-ricotta parfait

im still pending on the soups; i dunno whether i should do leek or celery but i want sth light. i need a guinea pig

eee…! cant wait!


sakura buffet @cck sucks!

but the desert is good

leftover ann and pete candy



oh and im totally obsessed with how i met your mother now


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