chocolate mousse

this week:

went haji lane with val

ate at some egyptian place

tzinkjzhi (totally wrong spelling)

it was  a horrible dirty place. felt like bugs were gonna spill out of the walls any second.

but the food was interesting.

haji lane is kinda querky. stuff there is really unique and quirky but kinda ex. val found a necklace that was really nice but it was $88.

so i just bought these nice wine glasses and halfheart handle cups. $2 each.

then went down to bugis





made damn good cream of mushroom soup with fontaine!

and chocolate mousse

(recipe from nigella sth, that british lady. i think she’s british, or english which is the same, or is it)

fontaine described my awesome  marshmallow design as a whitehead!

went for SPOT interview yesterday. kinda sucked. i should have bullshit more.

to prepare for the interview i actually read the newspaper in full for the first time for 2 days.  i cant believe i was so ignorant about these current issues:
The flood in Pakistan. Taleban blocking foreign aid. China and US tensions after joint military exercise with South Korea in the Yellow sea. Severe Famine in Western Africa, Niger. WFO running out of funds.

from now on i will read the news everyday.


there was this girl in the interview that said she wanted to help foreign workers have better transport options. i was like screaming in my head “ARE YOU SERIOUS. ARE YOU FRIGGIN SERIOUS YOU SLUT”

im not crazy.

and then there was this girl that went on and on  for like 3 mins on her course optometry.

i din stand out at all, other than being short and sweet: i wanna be in the programme cos i believe i can make the most out of it.i hope that was good enough. 😦


went to guild house suntec w chloe for dinner. met at novena first

had grilled chicken marinated in vietnamese spices served with red chilli jam. boomz


happy birthdays!

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