happy 22nd bday!

celebrating my sis 22nd bday: skype style!

snippet of bday card:

“Each of us so far apart; but with the same thought in mind, with the knowledge of the significance this day of this year is. Its undeniable, our connection from within. And this’ll never change, wherever we may be.

I wish you all the best in life. I pray that you’ll always be happy, and in your moment of sadness you’ll find the highest comfort in the knowledge of how much we love you and how much you mean to us.

Happy birthday.”



met up with val,brig and khalie. ate at plaza sing

manhattan fish market fish and chips dory fish:

(why do they say dory fish its obviously not dory fish cos we all know they look like this


pretty good but i THINK fish and cos better, more crisp. but super filling and cheaper.

then walked around for a while before having dessert at secret recipe:

(clockwise: baked oreo cheesecake, choc, strawberry chocolate, caupochino cheese)

looks plain but the capuchino cheesecake is really good. capuchino flavour is strong but subtle enough to complement the cheese.

it was really nice meeting up, laughed like crazy. memories! lak lak lol!

new memory: pieface kissing



made creamy beefball linguine w potatoes. awesome.

freshly cut parsely from my garden 🙂



recently ive really liked gardening esp since my mum went to cambodia. ( and stopped massacreing the plants)

tomato plant: ( i grew from seeds!)

new generation tomato seedlings

dill from giselle’s mum




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