Monthly Archives: September 2010

stupid night jar and barbequed iris

early this week i had this horrible ulcer.

so i put salt on it, and hurt like..i dunno. the pain managed to spread to my freaking eyebrows.

it was one of the worst, like this pic was taken 2 days after it started to subside.




monday was class chalet:

brought meehoon,garlic bread and wings.

(parsley and dill from my garden:)

tomato herb bread toasted with garlic herb spread.

it kept raining and raining.. which was really irritating.

but we still managed to have alot of fun with the amazing race. which reminds me, we forgot to remove the clues all over aloha loyang.. oh well.

BBQ took 2 hours to start, but it was worth it cos the wings were awesome.

fried the remaining wings in the kitchen with heaps of butter and brought them in to eat while watching tv and playing “i never”


but too bad  the 5 of us couldnt finish

then after supper we played the most horrible game of truth or dare ever. ARGHH.

it was all truth and not ‘ what animal would you most like to have as a pet’ . it was ‘WHO would you most like to do in the class.’ WTH.WTH.WTH.

horrible horrible horrible. i’ll never look at some of my classmates the same again.

after that rebekan went to sleep and we walked to 7-11 and then macs and then the beach.

early mornings at the beach are so cool and peaceful. no matter how crappy the beaches are.

i’ve just slept the last few days away. i slept from 1-8 the afternoon back from chalet and then 2am to1pm.

cant believe its alr thursday.




today i made cream of asparagus:

served with some soy bread.

doesnt look great but tastes awesome.

this one’s garnished with sweet paprika and glazed asparagus

i’ll cook this with roasted chicken femme bleu w potatoes and bacon sauteed with shallots next week when my mum gets back from cambodia. oh my im getting hungry..

i dunno what to do for dessert though. pudding? cake? milkshake?




went to collect my sample store stuff from the post office yesterday.

whee. first time buying online stuff 🙂

its so fun. i buy one facial cleanser and i get 11 free samples!!

inc. ElishaCoy self detox eye cream, Dr Jart water-sure gel and ACNEX spot out, b.liv off with those heads pro sebum gel and  7 BB cream sample packets.


i must not get addicted.



i hope youre ok.




went sentosa !

bought candy, lays chips, chao kway teow, magazine and drinks at vivo

its actually REALLY relaxing to just doze off in the sun.

it wasnt crowded so it was just peace and quiet.

just some music, sun and sand.

no stomach la see. 

will go again!


went to visit for hari raya

so pretty im getting myself one of those!

this too!


why can’t my torso be as long


“stop complaining when you’re doing nothing.”


Xzams. (lousy wordplay)


exams will be over soon.