little women

I saw this lady walking in heels yesterday and I just started thinking:

Julian Hibbard

like seriously this entire train of thought followed, honestly I can’t even remember what I was doing while thinking all those things; was I returning home? does it look obvious when i daydream; like JD? do i totally shut off and block out other sounds and stuff?


I think in so many ways women have to work so much harder just to prove themselves to be on the same level as men.

like on the daily basis, working women are expected to put makeup and heels, it sounds simple but there’s so much more to it:

makeup= facial cleansing, toner, moisturizer, spf lotion, foundation, loose powder, blusher, eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, eyebrow liner

and throughout all these women are expected to wax their legs and armpits and (underwhere?) underthere, keep perfectly clean and properly manicured nails, maintain a pretty hairstyle, thread their eyebrows, do facials.

every couple of months we’d have to dye our roots. and then there’s conditioning, anti frizz sprays, hair moisturizers and gel. and straightening and curling for special occasions.


the pressure to look good is insane:

on REALLY REALLY BAD DAYS, I can just be looking in the mirror desperately trying to put tgt an outfit and get really frustrated cos i dun feel pretty at all and i dun wanna leave home cos im afraid anyone, just anyone will notice any flaw in what im wearing and how i look. is my hair flat, is my face too pimply and pale. are my hips too wide. do my thighs look absolutely disgusting in this pair of jeans. do i look like a transvestite.

and I know I’m not the only one

what do men have to worry about; some shaving cream, pair of cuffs, exercise frequently enough, tons of gel and they’re good.



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