went to the mistletoe madness flea at scape on sat with chloe (:

the best thing about fleas is that many of stall holders aren’t looking to make much money, they just wanna get rid of their stuff. which means they’re willing to negotiate (:

yes it takes skill to shop at fleas. you gotto sift thru the crap, move fast and bargain with just the right amount of pity and desire.

“and most of all, you gotto have balls!” – 50cent.

and to the victor (mua) belong the spoils, my awesome buys :

brand new DMK pumps $10



handmade belt $5

french connection ‘cardigon’ top $5

denim shorts $4

and my cheapest buy:

a satin batik top $2!!!

got a director’s cut board for swiss drama! 🙂

so nice of me right.

sun i got my haircut and dyed. went giselle’s place.

yesterday we went to the airport to see byang off, maybe for the last time.

and today i just stayed home and slacked 🙂

had such a relaxing day today

i did a mask, cooked, watched himym, packed for cambodia.

sorry for the horror.

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