taken from the prologue of the book OFF THE RAILS IN PHNOM PENH byAmit Gilboa :

“It is a land where the depth and beauty of the peaople and culture are matched only by the depth and enormity of the people’s sufferings.”

I thought it would be cool to go to cambodia, see how the people live, gain some i dunno, worldy insight, I guess. Even though it kinda did happen, but it was also really sad. somethings i wish i could unsee or unfeel.

the floating village was an intersting place to visit.

not cause of its landscape beauty but beacause of the people. this fishing village is home to about 6 thousand people, whose lifespan average out to be about 52 years. prob due to the filthy waters and poor living conditions. for many, their livelihoods are at stake because of crazy government taxes on the fish stock. hence they resort to relying on tourist handouts to survive.toddlers hang phytons around their necks and call out for a dollar from tourists. parents pull their kids out of school to make them beg for money.

visiting S21 and the killing fields.

S21 genocide centre was a extermination office where the khmer rouge experimented and tortured thousands of people, whom they felt were a threat to their rule. monks, writers, intellectuals, women, children, army generals, khmer rouge cadres.

[skull of a man 25-43 years old; bullet to the brain from a right to left and downward 45 degree angle.]

out of the 20 thousand people who were arrested, only 7 survived when vietnamese troops drove out the khmer rouge and liberated S21.

but the people responsible for the deaths of 2 million people who died from starvation disease, extermination are still alive and well today. its so sickening and i can’t understaand how the cambodians live day by day knowing this fact.

on a happier note:

I flew again! after about 6 years

angkor wat to buddhists is like jeruslaum to christians or mecca to muslims.

it’s just massive ancient ruins of temples engulfed by jungle growth. bored me.

i’ll get more pictures soon.

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