febuary2011: pre-cny.

i think its high time i update my blog. I can’t seem to recall things i’ve done and i realise its because i’ve yet to blog about it.

its been a momentous month and a half. well actually 2011 itself.

here’s pre-CNY. Post-CNY will be the next post.

volunteered at ARTstage singapore @MBS, giselle made me a milkshake, rocky horror, POMPEI exhibit @NHM,  awesome scape+club titanium flea, reb and alexis’ pool party, sp esplanade concert, my sis’s welcome home t-bone steak dinner, working a weekened at kenny rogers, mummy coming home and going back to cambodia and of course CNY aka channie new year.

haha copy paste copy paste.

oh channie.

of course CNY wasnt just about channie. (what? yes its true.)

it was a reunion. in every sense of the word.

this is an anwesome picture but all i see is channie lo-hei-ing!!


other less important events: really just things that are funny, odd and beautiful.

the cheerleader effect. version: singapore.


awesome cakes from friendly neighbour nydc

hitler with c cups. 

resin cast of a couple. these two bodies were found together in a Pompeii house with the man reaching out to the woman when they died.

view from my aunt’s office. she’s so blessed.


what am i doing i have an exam tmrw. but who cares about inorganic and organic chemistry? I DO OF COURSE. alright. back to memorising the acid catalysed hydrolysis of esters. YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

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