working backwards to midfebruary.

the holidays have been AWESOME

I made fabulous pizza with fontaine. i didn’t think it would be so easy to make. pizzahut’s a slut!

it has tomato paste, chopped asparagus, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, ham, tomato slices and mozarella (input italian accent)

its not bad lighting, its glowing.


watched awesome shows.


 got my first manicure at PRINCESSMANICURE. my nails look so fake, love em’.


broughtCHANNIE out to sentosa. I’m gonna try to bring her outmore often so she’ll speak more engrish.

she’s so naughty. i wanna pinch her.


thursday was our last paper and we had a well deserved BBQ to mark the start of the holidays and the end of our first year together.i think i’m really gonna miss the class. i didn’t think i would at first, but ive begun to really love my class. everyone’s so different (Not just chinese girls with long hair like me). i hope my new class rocks.


my sis was around for a month and it was, of course, worth celebrating.

main course: coconut curry prawns with shitake mushrooms

blueberry ricotta parfait for dessert.

 homemade steamboat


and finally, valentine’s.

i baked orange cheesecake for everyone! it was so boomz.





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