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PAP’s got no swagger

if i had one complaint about the PAP.

it would be this awkward stiff mid-air wave that all MPs use on posters and banners.

i think we’re more than familiar with recollections of huge ass baners in the neighbourhoods showing a few smiling MPs standing apart side by side, looking straight and smart and white ,with their left hand well gotto give them props for thinking outside of the box, sometimes right hand instead, up in the air, just above their heads. and then in the background, singaporeans of different races, esp children, smiling blankly. and then some text across the image like “Many People, One Community”.

if their manifesto’s cover had lee hsien loong doing this instead,


i would be way more impressed.

just imagine it,

it would be awesome right? right?

don’t sue me please.


Adele- Rolling in the deep

Speaking to Rolling Stonemagazine, the 22-year old songstress stated: “I love seeing Lady GaGa’s boobs and bum and I love seeing Katy Perry’s boobs and bum. Love it.”

“But that’s not what my music is about. I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears. My life is full of drama and I won’t have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like.”

i can listen to this song over and over again.

it feels like i’m clinging onto every word she sings.

if i could sing like her, i would sing all my problems away.

and if i didnt have any problems i would purposefully create some for myself just so that i’d be in the mood to scream:



i took a gems module in photography.and the first assignment was to take pics of ordinary things.


before hell opens its gates

holidays have been pretty nice and school’s reopening in 2 days. contrary to the negative connotion in the title,i really dun mind gg back to school. considering ive been going on an off througout the hols anyway. for preUsem and FOP bonding (juicyjeff lol) and this training programme for the new freshies where i helped with the bio prep

 i havent blogged bout plenty of things, somehow i havent made time to.

the past week i met up with old friends. hah im referring to swiss ppl as old friends now isn’t that funny. got a pretty manicure at far east and shopped with val around town and went for a scape flea with chloe and bought a fleshimp bag for $3! the 4 of us, me val khalie and brig also met up for DRAMA. not forgetting frolick with the MA.

another  awesome thing was genting with polykakis 2 weeks back. the picture is the view from the cable car. it was really fun and a great break. i slept 2+4+5 hours of the 3 nights, sleptover at bobby’s the first night, but i wasn’t tired. and the temperature was just lovely. it was 15degreescelsius in the late afternoon! our 2nd day there we spent 9 hours at the themepark. holy. the themepark was awesome except for the gokart incident. sigh i crashed a gokart. i shouldnt be allowed on the road. i popped my shoulder and couldnt look right for days. but other than that, we took like everypossible freaking ride together. except for the lame stuff like teacup rides. i think i got accustomed to rollercoasters though. blew my screambox. no kick alr.

went for a 3 hour spa at only rm48. it was so bloody relaxing. i felt like i could levitate into the genting clouds, maybe it was cos i lost 3kg of water.

another thing was the haunted mansion. holy mother. but i’m glad i went through it and left with no nightmares.

damn i’ll miss my class.

also missed blogging about the fact i got to  observe an open heart surgery a month back, which was crazy cool. it took 9 hours and there was so much blood dripping on the floor down the surgical gowns of the surgeons. god i sound sadistic.

yesterday i sent an email to my mum who’s working in cambodia and my sis in australia for the life of me i’ll never be confident of spelling australia correctly. anyway, i was gonna start school soon and i may not skype with them often.

“helloe overseas mummy and bs,
im starting school soon. at first i was quite apprehensive about it but now im quite excited to get busy with school stuff. plus it’ll be totally different cos i’ll be juggling way more commitments. ontop of my school curiculum, i’ll be taking a general elective module(GEMs) on digital photography. i took brand design last sem, it has no impact on my GPA but its compulsory to choose one.
also, i’m taking a dip-plus programme on applied psychology, it’ll be 3 hours a week every monday 6-9pm. and i will graduate with an extra cert along with my diploma.
in addition, there’s the preusem thing. im kinda leading the sp team now so i’ll also be quite busy with it. thankfully i’ve a nice cooperative team so should be fine.
AND SOMEMORE, i plan to join the cca ambassodorial relations corp. already told you both i know.
but i’ll still try to email more. i know i hardly do i’m sorry.”

i miss you so much sometimes and i can’t wait for you to be home.

postcard whore

oh no i’m a hoarder!