mother’s day 2011?

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my paternal grandmother passed away 10 may 10 years ago. and my family always commemorated her death anniversary on mother’s day. i was never really close to my grandmother ( i thought she was a guy cos she din have hair. hey i was really young and stupid) but i looked forward to every mother’s day cos the family gets together and for the last 2 years, there was channie:)))

but for some strange reason it wasnt commemorated this year and i dont know why.

and so happen i had to write a short journal for my psych class the past week.

Is it appropriate to cry when loved ones die?

My first memory of a funeral was my paternal grandmother’s. I was 9 then. And as much as it pains me to say it, I had a lot of fun. It was probably one of my best childhood memories. The adults were chatting at the void deck, eating peanuts and my cousins and I ran around the neighborhood making bottle tanks, forming a music band and playing simon says. There wasn’t a tinge of sadness in the air, until the time came to cremate my grandmother’s body. Suddenly things got serious quick, and my relatives started weeping and crying out for their was only then that I started mirroring my relatives and teared a little.

There are several social decorums for everyday life. When someone loses their job, you comfort them. when someone gets promoted/ married/ becomes a parent, you congratulate them. but when someone loses their loved one, you drop everything and you go to their side. We can’t measure an appropriate response to grief, an emotion so poignant, it causes people to act out in different ways. Some people do things life affirming, some people do something impulsive. Some people wear their emotions on their sleeves, others choose to be more stoic. Some choose to laugh and chat with family and friends about good memories, others choose to cry. Andwe should let them do whatever they want to.

but anyway, it was mother’s day last sunday. and all i did was send a text to my mum. i was sick and kinda busy at the time. thinking bout it now, i wasnt even sure if the text went through. i didn’t even check with her or anything. if it didn’t she would have been so upset thinking i didnt care at all. why am i such an ass. why is it that as kids we’re able to block out the feelings of guilt we should be having for the way we treat our mothers?

i guess i’ll get my punishment when my kids treat me like crap. unless i force them to sing and dance for me every mother’s day. nono thats ridiculous. who would become a parent that does that.


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One response to “mother’s day 2011?

  • Adhi

    Nice entry there! Same.. When my paternal grandma passed away 5 years ago, my and my cousins were still playing basketball, chatting, laughing etc during her 7-day wake. When it was the day of her burial, we all got so sad and I started crying. And after her burial, my cousins and I just went quiet…. We didn’t play, we talked less, and we feel how empty my grandma house is without her :/

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