MM Lee and SM Goh leaving the cabinet

“MM Lee’s email came hours after he and Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong issued a surprise 168-word statement on Saturday evening announcing that both senior politicians were leaving the Cabinet.

In a joint-email statement to the media, the two leaders and former Prime Minister said they have considered the “new political situation” and it’s time for a new generation to take the country forward.”–sm-goh-to-quit-cabinet.html
How I feel about MM Lee and SM Goh leaving the parliament:

MM Lee’s already 87 and it pains me to see him work so hard. All I want for him is to go home relac and sip liang cha. But im just worried about what will happen without his wisdom. I admire him so much and find him absolutely invaluable to singapore but i guess at the same time, i really just want him to go home and sip liang cha.

And as for SM Goh, its strange that just 2 months back i was at his dialogue session listening to him jovially talking breifly bout the elections, what PAP’s plans for Singapore were. and i was thinking wow this guy’s really tall and oddly tanned for a chinese dude. and suddenly now he’s resigning from the cabinet. maybe he feels a little discouraged at his recent shallow win  of 56.5%at marine parade GRC. its not his fault, its that jumpy little girl he had the misfortune of having on his team.

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