the minli face?

over the years i’ve been getting alot of feedback about this face i do when i observe something silly or lame or kinda funny or childish or ridiculous.

i never really paid attention to it till i realised the sheer number of reviews ive been getting about it. cos all along, i thought i was subtle 😦 kinda, sorta. i dunno.

i guess not. if my friends are able to list down my various expressions.


anyway, here’re some pretty peekchas taken a while back.

omelette with grilled basil tomatoes

and some architecture shots for my haha ‘portfolio’

notice the semicircles!

i know, i mildy impressed too.  😀


stop it. behave yourself ah.


i’m like damn busy now.cos i had to rush all my deadlines earlier cos i’ll be away for preusem for the whole of next week and then the blood donation drive and then sparc camp. its a good thing im leaving out australs, or am i.

but its okay cos i dont care im going for a flea tmrw@clarkquay. and then sunday im gonna go on a shopping for makeup spree! wheeee. cos its friday, then you see,tmrw’s saturday. and sunday comes afterwards.

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