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women can’t drive

wtf man. the drama music when the girl takes the wheel like some ominous event’s gonna occur.

think i’m gonna learn next year 🙂

yes i did crash a golkart in genting but i was awesome in xbox crazy taxi and that must count for something.

on a totally unrelated note, something worthy of sharing:

it’s so meaningful i cant contain it, i must share it.



happy father’s day 2011

isn’t it funny how different the relationship mothers and fathers have with their children. i think espacially with fathers, theres a distance that will always remain between them and their children.

its not that significant really, because really whats important, the most emotive underlying factor: love, needs no dramatic actions nor bulky conversations. it trascends, and nothing, espcially so this so called distance, can hinder it.

i owe alot to my dad. because he loves me unconditionally and trusts me wholeheartedly, i’m empowered to make right decisions, and in a way, do right by him.

he lives in the balance of paradoxes and though it confuses me no end, it also pushes me to think more critically about the choices people make. it has taken me a long time to learn, and i probably will have to learn it several times for the rest of my life, and it is that you should always give people the benefit of the doubt. it sounds simple in principle but its actually quite difficult to apply, espacially when its so easy to not. when someone gives you bad attitude one day, its so very easy to assume he’s ordinarily someone who’s careless about people’s feelings and you think, sigh i’ll take the high road and let this go. but its difficult to take time to ponder what he may have been going through that day, that week, that month. which reminds me of one of my fav quotes:

“We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain an renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path.”  -Paulo Coelho

he’s immensely kind and generous to his family yet ruthless and efficient when it comes to business. he’s always defying the norm, the rigid, the common perception, yet he’s deathly sturbborn at defending his own. he turns a blind eye to anniversaries and birthdays yet he would never fail to buy back breakfast every morning’s he’s able to.

there’s more than meets the eye, everyone everytime everything.

these last 2 years have been different. he’s lost some weight. i see a little jade translucence in his eyes. his hearing’s a little off and he’s speaking louder. he’s repeating things more often and he gets injured/ill  more often and more severely.

but he’s a rock. he’ll be fine. i know it.

when music rocked.

i want this playing at my wedding.

persuant to the pre-U seminar booklet

harlo everybuddy

i was away for pre-u seminar 2011 at prince george’s park residence, NUS hostel from monday to friday and this was my room. it was kinda funny cos it took me 2 days to realise i’d been stripping all along in my room with the curtains open and the boys’ hostel outside my window.


anyway it was pretty boring, but i wont say anything specific (it was the jc kids!) bout why it was boring.

the highlights were…

some nice JC ppl in my SG, my SLO dory!

playing bridge with the guys in the pantry

and the making of the 1 minute vodcast on reimagining singapore which i directed. which was mostly dreary cos my team was damn xian but i’m still proud of the result

meeting boojunfeng, singapore’s cutest film maker.

argh i should just crop myself out man honestly.

my awesome as hell SP team 🙂 every moment with them was pure chilled awesome goodness.

and i wont forget one of the most epic moments

yam ah mee, ladies and gents, chairing the distinguished panel at pre-u seminar.

and the letters i got. they’re too nice man, honestly.

in other news,

i got a new bellystud at bugis street, ignore dust $22. screws from the bottom which is way better cos big balls are easier to find than siao qiu qiu.

and woohoo new makeup Za foundation and skinfood rose essence blusher 🙂 it really smells like roses.

flea buys@ whattheflea! after failed blood donation drive at orchard central.

bestbuy topshop skirt for $3 😀 total spent: $20

grilled honey cod fish with parseley carrots

and some odd doomsday pic i took weeks back


hehe, if only.