tanjong pinang@bintan in june

my family went to tanjong pinang about 3 weeks back.

just a short break since my mum was home and all and i’d never been to bintan.  but we didn’t go to the nice northern one, we went to the cheapo crappy southern one.

its a really desserted area outside of town, empty restarurants and a few resorts  strewned across a straight endless path.

but still, the beauty of the waters was amazing. i guess that’s what you earn in exchange of inconvenience and lack of facilities, transport and people.

pretty coral! its so coral.

i’m as lazy as a declawed, pregnant cat on a porch swing idly swatting at a fly on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

so i’m just gonna blog an onslaught of pretty pics, make occasional spongebob references.

krabby took forever to convince to stay still for me to take a pic. (ah, that was bad i’m sorreh)

anyway i dont think i would go back again. other than the pretty waters, all i remember from the trip was being overcharged and lied to time and time again by people trying to con us, long bumpy rides in a stuffy car that smlled and had only muslim music and being seasick all the way from the port.

i think after the trip im kinda tired of going to places like these. yea its wonderful going to these poorer countries see the people, the nature and stuff. but we always get some bastard trying to extort money from us at every possible angle.

happened at vietnam, happened in cambodia.

blatant overestimating, false promises and unnecessary and indiscriminate charging. its fucking ridiculous, and it ruins a good time with the family.

yes i understand they need to make a living and the circumstances have made it such that this is the best way to provide for themselves. and as far as moral ethics go, how righteous do you wanna make effort to be in a lawless land when you can’t pay the bills.

WHICH REMINDS ME of the book i just bought at The French Bookshop couple of weeks ago:

and what i read on page 122:

In addition to scrutiny and selection bias, there’s one more factor to consider. Human behaviour is influenced by a dazzling complex set of incentives, social norms, framing references, and the lessons gleaned from past experience- in a word, context. We act as we do because, given the choices and incentives at play in a particular circumstance, it seems most productive to act that way. This is also known as rational behavious, which is what economics is all about.


hope that made you feel smart. 🙂

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