this post’s just gonna be spilling happy food and awesome buys.

starting my post with an adorable puppy!

made strawberry yoghurt with fresh strawberry sauce

tomato basil soup with garlic bread

best dessert of the month:

chocolate mint ice cream @jack’s place. yummms. better than almond seasasme paste @queen’s dessert or coffee egg pudding @Ah chew dessert along bugis

best buy of the month:

4 belly studs from click6 for freaking $1 each!! (squeals!) eeeeeeeeeeee!

here’re the 2 dangly ones:


most extravagant buy:

$34 (half off) G2000 heels. slutty bastards seduced my feet. had to buy them cos they were so damn comfy. compared with disgusting rubi flats bleaghh.

best joke:

poster ad@ wickery ider milk tea. freaking ridiculous

not as ridiculous, but still, AWESOME NAME MAN. i hope ‘minli’ isnt an offensive word in some jamiacan language or sth.



btw i desperately need a twitter name. dancingcardiacslut, though an excellen and apt suggestion,  is not very , how to put it gently, elegant?


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