my emo playlist

alright i’m overreacting over today’s practical test. i’m just SO GUTWRENCHINGLY PISSED that i didn’t put down the right answers.

i studied. not only did i study, i studied the answer. so why didnt i write it down! why!!

anyway i think its close to a certain week of the month. its a pain in the pigu, but what can i say, its endearing. its like freaking clockwork the emotional thunder that cracks into my pretty sky and rains down, flooding my valleys. haha that metaphor was totally by accident but its mildly brilliant.

anyway here’s part of my terribly emo playlist. its really emo. haha which begs the question how did ‘not myself tonight(dirty version)’  by chirstina aguilera end up on it.

its just irritating cos its always been i study=i do well. this equation has never failed me. of cos, when its i dun study= i do well. that’s perfectly fine! but i study=i dun do well. whatthehell! thats not right!

which reminds me i need to add to my emo playlist ‘how could this happen to me’ by simple plan. dun quite like that band, but love this particular song. its simple, but in a good way. i guess that was their plan.

[btw, i thought the sky wouldn’t make sense but as luck would have it, i’m having a headache now. well, not that my head is pretty. no such thing as a pretty head.thats like saying you have a nice skull shape. ridiculous.]


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