the day that i die

“Can you feel the cold tonight? it sets in, but its alright”

i found out my cousin just passed away and the police found her dead in her apartment. suspected overdose.

i hardly knew her, but  i know enough bout her life to know her death’s causing alot of pain right now, and it’ll reverberate for years to come, every family dinner every birthday every time of the year.

i can keep debating and questioning to myself if she made a mistake but i know in my heart of hearts it doesn’t matter cos neither her parents nor her sisters nor her 5 year old daughter are  going to find any solace in the truth.

because she’s gone. and they’re so utterly and bitterly helpless to what’s happened. how’re they supposed to deal with this. how’re they gonna get thru this.

her family didn’t deserve this. her daughter didn’t deserve this. she derserved to smile and shine throughout her childhood. and now she won’t be able to.

she deserved to finish her childhood. she deserved to have her mum around  as and when she needed her embrace.

she shouldn’t have died.


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