tan tan tan tan

i really shouldnt be blogging cos my genetics and molecular biology exam’s tmrw. but i am so bored out of my skull from studying

so im here to pak (erm, chicken sound) bout sg presidential election 2011!

i dun quite like the current presidential election.

to begin with, why aren’t there any women! or any other races.

not only are they all chinese men, they’re the most common kind of chinese man. TANs.

i’m too young to vote but if i were to vote, here’s how i would break it down:

(and im glad im not voting cos as you can see, i’m pretty uninformed)


he kinda looks like the merlion. his hair esp.


“checks and balances.” X a gazilliontrillionbillion

its kinda odd with him cos he talks about the internal security act, transparency in the government which are briefly democratic-ish. but he’s not using that angle to get votes. if he had a pro-democracy campaign, he might be more successful. if not he just sounds like he’s picking a few thingys to pak about. (erm, chicken sound, make noise)


his campaign seems largely based on promoting the spirit of high-fiving. he should’ve hired barney to manage his campaign.

and then there’s


he seems a bit grouchy, but okay la. nothing much to make fun of. quite a serious guy.

i hope when i get to vote the next time, the selection will be more appetising.

not appetising, like good looking, but at least, got some variety. some distinguishable tastes. the 4 of them look like a blur of grey to me.


i shoudn’t have laughed but i did:



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