camobodia the sequel

i spent the last quarter of my hols in cambodia with my family. can’t really rmb the last time just the four of us went for a holiday trip together. actually i think that has never happened. hmm

lots of good food. lots of dust. lots of tuk tuk rides. lots of nonsense.

tuk-tuks are these carriages attached to a motorbike. probably goes about the speed of a bicycle. travelling on gravelled paths and they sound like tu-ku-tu-ku-tu-ku-tu-ku. puts you in a minimal-brain-activity utility mode.

during our stay there we took a studio family shot. khmer style!

it was exhausting though. 4 hours of make up and dressing!

we hardly ate khmer-thai food cos it sucked. okay it didnt suck but i found a cockraoch in my food and that was the end of khmer food for us.

besides, the gourmet-ish, bistro style food was really affordable.max $5-6.

i’m just showing the fun luxurious side of cambodia. but really, it seems to be stricken with a poverty cycle that they may never be able to get out of.

the best way to have a holiday there is to look out and appreciate wherever you feel beauty lies.

 and for the things that aren’t beautiful, take it with a pinch of salt. understand their pain but at the same time, realize that helping them may not be helping them. sometimes, in the grand scheme of things, there’s little one can do if the source of the problem isn’t well, assasinated.

we can try to empathise but we never will. all we understand about them is by making comparisons to ourselves.



3 responses to “camobodia the sequel

  • Adhianto Suherli

    OMG my parents would never do what you guys did (taking a family photo -something- style, unless proper family photo I guess). Cambodia looks nice! Except for… Cockroach in your food?! :O

    • upandgone

      it was a proper family photo thingy! its really cheap each person with makeup costume and photo was just USD5. yea and it is really fun, i think we’ll do it in every new country we visit from now on (:
      and yes i found the cockroach in my pad thai. it was delicious pad thai though lol. wished i ate a bit more before it was taken away haha.

  • Adhianto Suherli

    Hmm maybe the cockroach is the plus factor no? 😀 Just kidding! Hahaha. Cool, what an awesome family you have! 🙂

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