king burger w paprika fries

recipes from foodnetwork. but replaced steak seasoning with tonkatsu sauce instead. plus with some caramelized onions on top of the cheese. but w/o the salt and with paprika instead. i think potatoes can taste amazing w/o salt.

foodnetwork is evil. it makes me hungry and angry watching its programmes. most days this week i turned on the tv at 1am to watch diners and drive in’s and dives where this porcupine disguised as a man goes to various diners in the US searching for fine dining quality food, boomzy food.

its torture watching sizzling steaks and cheese melting off cheese melting off cheese and pancakes drizzled with strawberries and cream and syrup and freshly baked pizzas topped with stretchy parmasan romano and cheddar cheese and marinara sauce.

okay enough of the violent imagery. gosh. need to balance it with adorable porcupine/hedgehog pictures.


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