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Fainting Appreciation

I used to scare my parents by having fits and fevers when I was pretty young. I was fairly inconsiderate. But since the age of five, I’ve had a rather clean bill of health. Aside from HFMD, occasional faints and undiagnosed sinus, I’m quite decent. Nothing that has required hospialization.

But the occasional faints have been rather interesting.

The first time was when I was 15. It was my first time travelling by bus into JB. I vomitted and felt faint at customs. But on the up side, they let us clear first, ahead of the hundreds. 🙂 5 mins recovery once I got out of the horrible crowd.

The second time was when I was 16. I was walking back from cathay to plaza sing. suddenly felt faint. slumped at subway. then slept in a toilet cubicle (how reminiscent of clubbing nights) for a half hour. then slept at billy bombers for two hours.

the third account was when I was 17. I donated blood at HSA for the first time. It was all good. Had a gay badge on my shirt that said be nice to me, I’m a first time donor. No pain at all. Blood came out like water. then when the needle was pulled out, I felt an immediate shock to my system. Blacked out shortly. I think outwardly it seemed like seconds, but I kinda felt like I was very gradually descending into darkness and ultimate relaxation. hehe. The nurses quickly made me lay flat and I recovered instantly. So after that I went for a stroll to chinatown. It was going fine till I felt naseous and puked twice onto a soil path at the side of the street. Afterwhich, I walked in a wobbly and zigzagged fashion cross a traffic light and slept at KFC till my dad came to save me.

The fourth and fifth account was when I was 20 last year. I felt fainty on my way to west coast plaza then I collapsed at quiznos. the store manager told me to leave. and that it was no place for me to sleep. knnbccb. Recovered later on in the car while my sis drove. months later I had a tremendous amount of fabulous steak at buona vista. On my way back to the station, my stomach started to cramp up and I fainted.

The sixth time was two days ago after my eyebrow embroidery touch up at clementi. I puked on the train back to jurong east. Felt very faint and sweaty and unable to respond to questions. Hands and lips were numb. Recovered at a nearby clinic after eating sweets.

So the very chatty doctor explains that it was hypoglycaemia. Ordinarily brought about by fatigue, malnutrition or hormones. The first two of which do not apply during the holidays.

Anyway, I’ve learnt some things from these horrid experiences of a hypoglycaemic shock.

Do not take in fluids, only sugars. lie down. curl up. aircon. boom. good as new.