Mr David Tay Tiang Chong

I’ve been waiting so long for this moment that now that I can, the excitement I expected to have had subsided. Nonetheless, this is happening.

I just passed my driving test. Like I am legit sitting at bbdc waiting to get my license as I type this. Its been a long time coming.

I failed this test about 4 years ago before university. I took private lessons with a Mr David Tay Tiang Chong. He charged $40/hr =$60/1.5hr lesson.

On many counts he was an excellent teacher. He was patient and drew out driving instructions on paper for me to keep. He doesn’t fall asleep during class which I’ve heard about from other friends. On the whole, he was a decent instructor.

However, he did many questionable things that I was very naive to have accepted.

1) He took at least a 10 minute break every lesson without fail. Given his high charges, this was pretty annoying. He doesn’t take a moment’s break between students so he buys food and uses the washroom during classes instead. Once, I showed unhappiness that he wanted to stop to buy something and he felt insulted, explaining many times after that that he was a good teacher and not interested in scamming my money. He also fancies himself an A class karaoke master and often showed me his videos and singing techniques in class good lord.

2) He charged me $18 to enter a multi-storey car park to practice parking on the top floor. He said that his friends were in charge of the car park and private driving students like myself could use the top floor to practice car park. I only learned much later that this is complete hogwash. Private students aren’t even legally allowed to practice in car parks.

3) He taught me parallel parking a day before the exam. I was very unprepared for the test and failed. He made me practice far less useful skills like 3-point turn and narrow U-turn countless times (both of which aren’t even tested nb) while leaving all the important skills to the end. What I am implying, of course, is that he withholds teaching you properly so that he can profit from you failing your test.

4) He never returned my deposit. But more on that later.

After I failed I continued taking more lessons from him. However, I was starting to feel amiss and that things didn’t add up. I consulted another private instructor I happened to chance upon on the way home, asking him about the way in which my instructor conducted his classes. He told me that the charges were exorbitant and unreasonable. He referred me to his friend who was a private auto instructor whom I called once to inquire more. A day after that, Mr David Tay ceased contact with me, refusing to pick up my calls and texts, never returning my deposit as well. I felt humiliated and angered that I did not even get the last word. He must have ears and eyes around to have found out what I had found out within the span of a day.

I could not be more pleased to have taken classes at BBDC with G8037 group of instructors. I passed with 18 classes (inc. 4 review ones) under 2 months for $1.4k. There are certainly good private instructors out there. However, I was just real unlucky to have encountered Mr David Tay. I took 31 classes with this mofo, spent approx $2.6k (KNN) in total. May this serve as a cautionary tale for anyone intending to take his classes. Don’t.


For more info on this mofo, here and here. The only good reviews are the ones he had the gall to write himself.


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