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Be Careful with Carousell

I have been a carousell fanatic since I joined last month. Like seriously, nuts. I always thought that fleas were the best way to get great deals. I frequently pride myself on how cheap my clothes are, my other life attainments like getting a diploma and entering a local uni pale in comparison. But, alas, I have a new way of supporting my insatiable love for cheap clothes. fleas are great and all, but its actually quite physically draining. its a lot of squatting and sifting through clothes, and sweating. so many sweaty girls. what a horrific sight for me.

but Carousell allows me to get cheap clothes on the go. I’ve never really entertained the idea of online shopping. if they’re retail, like zalora or love bonito or whatever, its probably above $10. which is $5 more than I am used to. :/ if they’re second hand, like gumtree/ ebay, its just way too much of a hassle. formatting’s so hideous. words everywhere. its a damn mess. The trouble involved in setting up an account and carrying out the transaction is gonna waste more time than the money I’d save. But carousell has totally revamped online shopping for me. I have bought like I think $50 worth of stuff in a month, all amazing quality and from super friendly people :))) And I got rid of the stuff I have lost interest in as a well.

So I have new pretty clothes, got rid of my unwanted stuff. And I still profit what sorcery is this.

The moral of the story here is that Carousell rocks. However, the unregulated ease of transactions also mean that people have a lot of discretion to do harm.

A friend of mine recently transferred a deposit of $720 on two iphones to this carouseller, following which he became uncontactable. He deleted his listing so the conversations are gone as well. She then created a new account and chatted with his newly created persona, whom she found to indeed be him when he provided the same mobile and bank account number. Police investigations are still ongoing.

Some ways to prevent yourself from getting scammed on carousell:

1) Always choose cash on delivery. Deposits to show sincerity/ commitment requires a little too much trust in a complete stranger. Its not like a tenancy agreement that has proper contracts drawn up. You’re transferring money to a person you know very very little about. Especially if its a large purchase, like over $30, COD is the way to go. Plus, you get to conduct your own QC.

2) Research your seller. Look at his feedback. How long he’s been on carousell. How many listings he has. If he created that one listing, has no feedback, no followers and registered his account 2 days ago, then he’s a long way from proving himself a trustworthy seller. Even if your seller has positive feedback, the users who provided them have to be researched too. He could have easily created another account to give himself positive feedback.

3) Obtain as many details as possible before committing to an offer. That means his name, number, colour of his cat. Make sure that if he does scam you, it would be, in the very least, a major inconvenience for him. Give him a call to verify if the number is legit. My friend’s scammer even provided ‘his sister’s’ number and two different bank accounts to choose from. This scammer was quite detailed in his scam. Then again, bank accounts and phone numbers are easily traceable by the police. Once those personal details are provided, they are opening themselves up to being tracked.

4) Avoid rushing into a deal. Scammers like to push forward a deal by acting impatient or informing you there are other buyers. Do not be rushed into a deal you are not 100% comfortable with. Most carousellers are leisurely people playing with their phones tryna make a little money and have some fun talking with people who show an interest in their stuff. If your seller sounds like he is weirdly eager to close a deal with you, it is possible that he is more concerned with profit than your interests. If you choose to deal with him anyway in spite of his peculiar impatience, refer to the above three points to prevent yourself from getting scammed.

Carousell is a great place with very little regulation. Buyers and sellers deal with one another with no interference from Carousell’s administrators and that makes it an awesome medium for sincere buyers and sellers to get what they want. However, the dearth of regulation also guarantees frequent exploitation of ignorant carousellers who don’t know how to protect their interests.

btw, I know my language suggests that only guys can be scammers. pardon my insensitivity to sexist remarks like that. in Dr Cox’s words; “In this day and age, it’s damn hard to know what’s kosher.”

update: there’s been no updates by the police. they claim that is related to a broader overseas scam and needs more work. ?? I though it was a straight forward case but I guess not.



in my life i’ve found many things possible.

cheap clothes- possible

cheap food- possible

cheap stationary- possible

cheap assesories- possible

cheap furniture- possible

but i never thought that shoes would ever be cheap.

and it finally happened.

you would think those chio as hell heels/wedges would total over $100 easily.

but no my friend.

they’re $9.90 x 5=$49.50.

holy moses.

i crap you not, they’re $9.90 a pair. and they’re branded k.

chocolate schubar, suntec. go forth and multiply… your shoe collection.


this post’s just gonna be spilling happy food and awesome buys.

starting my post with an adorable puppy!

made strawberry yoghurt with fresh strawberry sauce

tomato basil soup with garlic bread

best dessert of the month:

chocolate mint ice cream @jack’s place. yummms. better than almond seasasme paste @queen’s dessert or coffee egg pudding @Ah chew dessert along bugis

best buy of the month:

4 belly studs from click6 for freaking $1 each!! (squeals!) eeeeeeeeeeee!

here’re the 2 dangly ones:


most extravagant buy:

$34 (half off) G2000 heels. slutty bastards seduced my feet. had to buy them cos they were so damn comfy. compared with disgusting rubi flats bleaghh.

best joke:

poster ad@ wickery ider milk tea. freaking ridiculous

not as ridiculous, but still, AWESOME NAME MAN. i hope ‘minli’ isnt an offensive word in some jamiacan language or sth.



btw i desperately need a twitter name. dancingcardiacslut, though an excellen and apt suggestion,  is not very , how to put it gently, elegant?

persuant to the pre-U seminar booklet

harlo everybuddy

i was away for pre-u seminar 2011 at prince george’s park residence, NUS hostel from monday to friday and this was my room. it was kinda funny cos it took me 2 days to realise i’d been stripping all along in my room with the curtains open and the boys’ hostel outside my window.


anyway it was pretty boring, but i wont say anything specific (it was the jc kids!) bout why it was boring.

the highlights were…

some nice JC ppl in my SG, my SLO dory!

playing bridge with the guys in the pantry

and the making of the 1 minute vodcast on reimagining singapore which i directed. which was mostly dreary cos my team was damn xian but i’m still proud of the result

meeting boojunfeng, singapore’s cutest film maker.

argh i should just crop myself out man honestly.

my awesome as hell SP team 🙂 every moment with them was pure chilled awesome goodness.

and i wont forget one of the most epic moments

yam ah mee, ladies and gents, chairing the distinguished panel at pre-u seminar.

and the letters i got. they’re too nice man, honestly.

in other news,

i got a new bellystud at bugis street, ignore dust $22. screws from the bottom which is way better cos big balls are easier to find than siao qiu qiu.

and woohoo new makeup Za foundation and skinfood rose essence blusher 🙂 it really smells like roses.

flea buys@ whattheflea! after failed blood donation drive at orchard central.

bestbuy topshop skirt for $3 😀 total spent: $20

grilled honey cod fish with parseley carrots

and some odd doomsday pic i took weeks back


hehe, if only.




went to the mistletoe madness flea at scape on sat with chloe (:

the best thing about fleas is that many of stall holders aren’t looking to make much money, they just wanna get rid of their stuff. which means they’re willing to negotiate (:

yes it takes skill to shop at fleas. you gotto sift thru the crap, move fast and bargain with just the right amount of pity and desire.

“and most of all, you gotto have balls!” – 50cent.

and to the victor (mua) belong the spoils, my awesome buys :

brand new DMK pumps $10



handmade belt $5

french connection ‘cardigon’ top $5

denim shorts $4

and my cheapest buy:

a satin batik top $2!!!

got a director’s cut board for swiss drama! 🙂

so nice of me right.

sun i got my haircut and dyed. went giselle’s place.

yesterday we went to the airport to see byang off, maybe for the last time.

and today i just stayed home and slacked 🙂

had such a relaxing day today

i did a mask, cooked, watched himym, packed for cambodia.

sorry for the horror.


it’s been kinda hard to blog with all the exhausting pre-mst slacking, mst, and then post-mst slacking.


but here are the highlights of the past month (((: in chronological order


KOI QUEUEING turned out WAAY better than expected. but im still afraid of making money.


was pretty funny. meandval shared a lalu notebook for her. it was raining like crazy and we showed up soaking wet at the party. one my most embarassing moments ever.


AT PITSTOP CAFE after failing to find the market street carpark flea.

it was so isolated and hard to find can’t believe so many ppl came here before us.



bought 4 dresses, 2 for $5 each and the other 2 for $3 each. OMGGGGGGGG

bought a jacket for 5 and a butterfly top for 3. WOOHOOO.

got the cool mug and rootbeer chapstick at some tp thingy nearby too.

DON QUIJOTE: a spanish restaurant at timah. for fontaine’s belated 17th.


Crema de Calabaza y Puerros (cream of pumpkin&leek)

Tacos de Lorno al Queso Azrul (tenderloin steak subes with Blue chesse)

Paella de Carne (meat lover’s Paella with chicken beef and chicken)

and ehhh speedy gonzalez puerto rico  (orange cheesecake )

but we waited at

UDDERS before it opened.

pics are self explanatory.


this doesn’t explain anything i just like flying cows.


w reb and alexis.

best mushroom soup i ever had outside. it was SO THICK and so CREAMY.

good steak. can’t believe they’ve been at breeko’s 8 times this year. crazy girls.


hilarious! one of the best disney movies.








and went to SETTLER’S CAFE W  alot of ppl.

sorry for freaking out bout the xmas package. lol.


after that adhi saeyoh and nicholas left so me syazwan hari larry and zaki walked around clark quay and sat around starbucks and the river talked and sigh..played taiti.

we were talking about the worst things that have happened to us and i finallly talked about the robbery that happened to me this year. i never reaally admitted it but it was kinda hard for me. didn’t want the overseas family members to worry and couldn’t really tell much friends either cos school just started and i din really wanna play the ‘oh so poor thing she’s all alone at home and now a week after her mum leaves she comes home and finds her home robbed’ girl.

so yeah. sob story yucks


WENT JOHOR BAHRU YESTERDAY to shop for stuff for cambodia, where i’ll be next week! 🙂


see.. whatever i need from facebook i can get.


linguine w freshly ground salt and pepper w chilli flakes and olive oil

sauce : cayenne pepper paprika capsicum carrot tomato,tomato sauce olive oil

prawns toasted with garlic herb butter.

i know it seems like ‘how on earth did she come up with that’


NAH kidding i go into the kitchen pick out stuff that Im afraid will rot in a week and cook everything together.

OH NO (illusion shattered)

“when the buying stops, the abuse will too.”

new clothes :D


argh!! word press is impossible to use!

the pics stick tgt and when you press ENTER it goes down the side of the pic instead of spacing and pushing the pic down!


although its likely its due to my lack of computer knowledge to alter some funny settings, its obviously wordpress’ fault for mkaing things so user-unfriendly.




i’m  bored cos i cant sleep cos i slept 2 hours in the afternoon so im posting stuff i didn’t post about last week.

kenny rogers at m’sia


wow. terrible.

mac and cheese was stingy on the cheese, chicken was dry, garden pasta salad was sticky, baked rice was tasteless.



BRA $10 from cotton on.


white and gray from cambodia US$3 each

white and yellow from m’sia RM 10 each

 high waisted skirt for bout $17 (M’SIA)

white pleated dress $10, really good quality (FAR EAST)

dorothy perkins jeans $39 (WISMA)

fits me perfectly so happy i finally have jeans.