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looking porward to the hweekend

i’ve been obsessed with the pinoy accent i dunno why.

the holidays have been funfunfunfun. super relieved my singular exam was over. phew.

to celebrate the end of exams some of us cardiac and research ppl went out.

ah it was not a pretty night.

i just got back yesterday from a class chalet as well. happy i got my tan but i look like batman now cos of those shades.

my sis came back from australia just bout a week after my exam was over too. in the 1 1/2 year that she’s been away we’ve both learnt to cook somehow.

hence, its been cakes and milkshakes and pasta and pizzas and soups for the past month.

asian linguine with pork and onions and cheese

clam chowder topped with bacon bits drizzled in olive oil

moroccan crusted chicken served with roasted potatoes and celery brown rice

adorable lil hazelnut pot cheesecake topped with almond slices.

in that year and a half we also got obsessed with cheap buys. so we had to put our skills to practice.

ripples slippers were $5 each

roxy top $2 and A&F skirt $4 at a flea

mphosis heels 70% off at $13.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA. gosh my life’s pretty awesome.


last week i was in deasru, malaysia for polyforum to discuss issues concerning singapore.

yes, it was some serious shit. the picture illustrates how serious and dedicated my team was.

in just 4 days, everyone had to come up with a dance number, an exhibition and a presentation for the minister. not bad guys.

i danced to HSM’s we’re all in this together and rebecca black’s friday. gosh i cant believe i danced to we’re all in this together again after all these years.

the pre-forum the week before was alright.

really the main highlight was:

another cute face to end off my post:

my nephew nathan at a family raya gathering. ah his sulky buddha face is so funny.


heading to sihanoukville next week! whoo! must pretend i’m excited!


Q: what’s their fucking problem?

this is in response to all the hateful comments on yahoo. In particular, the comments critisizing our miss singapore 2011.

“A typical flat-chested Singaporean girl with 4 pack abs on her small body.

Btw, after seeing all the photos, my little “brother” is still looking at the floor!”

“Cover up the face!!!  The rest main qiang mian qiang la… Face like very oout leh..”

“so ugly!!!”


“She got PAPaya faces , how to win . Sarcastic  and hypocrtitcal smile”

normally, when i see stupid comments i just look past them cos i believe most sensible people wouldn’t feel a need to engage in an argument with these people and hence its only the stupid uneducated shitheads that fill the majority of the comment section with their uncultured PAP hating brand of slander.

but this particular time, i seriously couldnt take it anymore so i posted  something.

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jesse2 hours agoRemove

i can’t help noticing some comments here are always really negative. if miss valerie is so unappealing to you guys maybe thats cos you hold women to an impossible standard of beauty and so even this slender beauty gets nothing but criticism from you. honestly, if you’re having such problems with women, trust me its not your miniscule dick that women are unattracted to, its cos you’re an asshole. And all the random unnecessary shots at the PAP? you’re really just making the opposition appear to be a bunch of retarded imbeciles that won’t shut up

anyway, to answer the question.

A: they have a fucking problem.

okay my next post isn’t gonna be bout complaining. i’ll go back to food and fleas 🙂