Monthly Archives: August 2013


I’m starting uni in 5 days. count, 5 days.

2013 has been a weird year for me thus far. I have been so happy and so sad so many times  I’m actually kinda glad I’m returning to a state of normalcy by starting school and getting into a familiar rhythm again. That’s not to say school isn’t going to be full of ups and downs. It just that being in a focused system kinda distracts you from yourself. And I believe that’s the way to go if you wanna be efficient sometimes. Plan out your goals first, your ‘me time’ to realise how stressed you are can be fit in as and when the time permits.

I’ve been having quite a ball I would say. I work infrequently at a dental clinic, give tuition, hang with my loved ones, cook, eat, watch movies, read, clean my kitchen. Its been pretty damn awesome in the self fulfillment department but it has also made me kinda dumb. I think my brain cell count has depleted like mad honestly.

what else have I done. I. failed my driving prac test. I went to cambodia and phuket. I got stung by a jellyfish. I viewed the causeway on a boat waiting for sunset. I finally have a diary that I was faithful to for more than 5 days. the trick is write less over a longer period of time. relationship advice that is nott.

speaking of familiar things!  I have been having exceptional food as of late. and its time I post them like I used to. 🙂



Handmade gnocchi in white wine and cream sauce with pork sausages, mushrooms and sage leaves



Pork knuckle


Salt baked chicken (hakka style)DSC_1854

linguine in veal, ragu served with sauteed asparagus

IMG-20130612-WA0002 IMG-20130612-WA0005

salmon sashimi and cheeseburger sushi (cheddar cheese, sliced beef, and pickles deep fried with sushi rice)


chilli crab. yakiniku beef and mushrooms with melted cheddar in a kong bak pau



Parma ham, rucola leaves and burrataDSC_1320

saffron and white wine risotto


panna cotta


roasted chicken leg stuffed with mushroom served with couscous and pan roasted jus.

I actually have so much more to share! but the pic koality sucks so I can’t.


obviously the delicious standard has changed drastically since my last food post jan 2012. that post seems embarassing now.

I hope to be sampling ramsay’s food next year.

I have also made adjustments to my exercise schedule. I ran twice in the last 5 months. not bad right. 😉

omygad I am starving now.