Monthly Archives: July 2009


sometimes i think im really blessed cos ive already figured out what i wanna do.

other times i think im such a blind ignorant fool.

i have no idea what the future holds. im not saying my future looks bleak. i know im capable. thats not the prob.

its the why.

is this where religon comes in? as a crutch or as a key.


everything is  so narrow and insignificant compared to the purpose of God.

i feel that all my thoughts, my emotions and my entire being all lead up to His.

i dont feel like im fighting back. just resisting what could be utter nothingness.


sigh. im so stuck.


that was 3 weeks?

wow its been long since i posted

actually i cant rmb alot of what i do so i depend on my pictures to tell me.


ok first week of july was just school

oh and i cooked chicken and gravy



damn chicken didnt brown

second week there was visiting channie:



she’s starting to be able to use the walker. HOW CUTE IS THAT!

my sis made cake.

this is mango cheesecake.


this is also mango cheesecake. sigh.

 DSC00429 with choc and walnuts.

i’ve decided to bar myself from baking cos i realise all my cookes, muffins and cakes turn out flat as prata. its really sad.


oh and chinese oral was

OK .

thats all i can say. totally wasted all my time studying oral, but still


the experience was really strange. i was so so calm. my heart didnt even beat faster.  palms didnt get sweaty. my neck didnt feel hot. stomach didnt feel funny. felt good.


i dreamt a letter came to my house addressed to me for the O level chinese results, and guess what i got


?? i might be getting paranoid.


i had dinner last sunday at this kopitiam with this awesome stall


pizza pasta i think


but i couldnt really enjoy it cos ive been having this ENORMOUS ulcer at the side of my tongue. it doesnt hurt now but my tongue is serioulsy deformed

 anyway thats not impt. harpers finale was!

i dont know why but i like henry more than ever
Mind if we talk about: the finale of "Harper's Island"?
more than i like jimmy
its ok both are hot.
i still dont really buy into the whole story about henry and wakefield being psycho explaining all the murders. but oh well. it doesnt matter. and harper’s globe was such a waste of time.
anyway on tuesday i played lazerquest for the first time


it was fun but i totally sucked. i got 5th then 4th of 7 classmates. all my years of playing swat did not pay off man.
sports day is cancelled (HOORAY!!NO MORE PRETENDING TO CARE ABOUT  SPORTS!)but racial harmony day celbrations hasnt been. i borrowed indian costume from sheena.
DSC00440found the most matching pair of earings.
tried it on once i got home from school. hahas. after bathing of course.
i was so exhausted today (mentally) cos i had like 3-4 hours of math today, to finish like 5Q.
its a good hting i didnt go for tt harry potter  movie with class. i would have slept though the whole thing without a doubt.
 [i wanted to talk about harpers but its weird everything i type or put pics bout it disapears]
” i say ‘yawn’ cos i when i actually yawn, you don’t get it.”