boute mua

my name’s minli.


this is actually a really really outdated picture. ah but still looks like me la.

mybday’s on christmas.

I went to princess elizabeth, swiss cottage followed by sp. Heading to NTU.


cooking, witty sarcastic humour, handmade things (that includes handmade noodles), shopping at flea markets,  singing to awesome songs, travel, acoustic guitar covers, reading medical jargon, learning about history and culture, late night suppers, smelling herbs, potatoes, cows and bears, but definitely more of bears.


vertical horizon – Everything you want, dashboard confessional – vindicated/stolen, yelllowcard – only one, katy perry – thinking of you/lost(live), goldfinger – spokesman, michelle branch – goodbye to you, paramore- the only exception, hoobastank – the reason, pink – who knew/ try/just give me a reason (ft nate ruess) ,three days grace- never too late, taylor swift – you’re not sorry, one republic – All the right moves, goo goo dolls – iris, kelly clarkson – already gone, good charlotte – the river/day that I die (acoustic), pixie lott – cry me out, ciara – like a boy, marianna trench – beside you, sum 41 – with me, Adele- one and only, yellowcard- breathing, leona lewis – run, my chemical romance- cancer, emelia sandes- read all about it, sam smith – I’m not the only one


scrubs, malcolm in the middle, spiderman, how I met your mother, fringe, dexter, prisonbreak, suits, game of thrones, breaking bad


jazz, techno, girls who wear ‘miss sturbbon’ shirts, ppl who are unneccessarily loud or make redundant commentary, slimming/hair growth advertisements, michelle chia, glitter, mediacorp dramas (except wok of life),  jk pop, uninspiring teachers, beansprouts, dogs in the form of people, people who fake angmoh accents.

people always have the same first impression of me. quiet and shy. or damn dao. and then when they get to know me, they laugh about it. my humour’s pretty sarcastic but hey, how many girls are actually funny. apparently i give mean stares but i ensure you they’re almost always unintentional. if im actually pissed at you, you would definitely know cos i dont beat around no  damn bush.

attracted to people with honesty and warmth and tenacity.


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