Monthly Archives: September 2012

back off susan boyle!


“whatchu looking at, you son of a bitch?”

i apologise on his behalf for the offensive language. it seems like Ted’s been quite an influence. awesome movie btw!


my 5th semester’s results are out, which means i can officially start applying for unis. seriously, frick! frick on a stick!

i’ve said this many times before but i really wish i could see my life 10 years from now. i don’t think i would regret it.

would i be typing out my monthly income/expenditure excel sheet of my cake bakery on my laptop in my cafe while i savour a slice of my cafe’s newest specialty seasame white chocolate cake?

would i be working in a hospital everyday from 8-6pm, sometimes later cos well, its a hospital, and then trudge home to take a well deserved bath? who and what would i return home to.

would i be a recovering drug addict who just decided to turn her back on prostitution? would i be a spy working the undergrounds of the baltics. so many questions. so many possiblities.

this is a goddam meaningless post where i bemoan about feeling unsure bout my life. what a self indulgent bitch.

what happened to the days i used to blog about things i did like a normal blogger, detailing day by day activities like they were oh so interesting.

alright then. here goes. i feel like a baby bird about to plop softly onto the ground following which a forgettable weak cry will go unheard.


“I CAN??!” yup i just registered for driving lessons couple of weeks back. nerve-wrecking stuff.


many months ago i got a nose piercing, and removed it. lol


my attachment’s finally over! it was kinda bittersweet. i enjoyed it but i think i’m never going back. i think i enjoyed celebrating the end of it even more haha.

oh which reminds me i got a haircut! had been having long hair for years. when i was younger i used to cry when my mum made me get my haircut. but now i realise holycrap short hair’s so bloody convenient. its such a worthy investment. you spend less time conditioning and drying your hair every time you bathe. i am saving 20×2 mins per day gosh i’m a genius.

And my family has finally embarked on a kitchen renovation! exciting stuff. knocking’s going on right now as i typitty-type on my keyboard. i can’t wait for it to be all done up and have like a housewarming thing 😀

as for now i’ve a few more weeks of holiday. thinking of going to ubin, cambodia, batam, legoland in the next few weeks. wooohooo.